Cougar Basketball Starts Off Their Season

It’s time again for The Red Sea, wins, losses, and hopefully everybody has kept up on their heckling skills. Basketball’s Junior Varsity and Varsity Boys started on Tuesday, December 3rd against the Monta Vista Matadors, and the Frosh Boys started on Thursday, December 5th against Oak Grove. The JV and Varsity Girls started on Monday, December 2nd against Live Oak.

Source: MVP Photography
Varsity. Source: MVP Photography

The Varsity Boy’s game on Tuesday the 3rd was a loss, but they bounced right back for an outstanding game on Saturday, December 7th. “It was a good game for our team,” said coach Marcus Northcutt. “We had a tough loss on Tuesday and this was a testament to the will of this team.” The game was against the Monte Vista Christian Mustangs, and it was simply heart-wrenching. The Cougars got ahead first, and within the first minute and 30 seconds, it was 4-0 SLV. The Cougars stayed on top of Monte Vista the entire first half of the game, and were always a step ahead. Monte Vista stepped up their competition during the second half of the game and it was a non-stop battle between the teams. The boys played harmoniously at high-speed, high-intensity, and with full competition. Chris Pasternak stated that “we played as a unit, and that’s really what we want.”

Monte Vista got ahead only once in the fourth quarter, with 1 minute and 23 seconds left, with a score of 42-40. The Cougars earned the points back immediately, to land at a tie of 42-42 with 1:12 left in the game. The last minute of the game was probably the most fun to watch: back and forth competition, not knowing for sure if SLV would win, and finally the buzzer sounds and the score was 47- 44 SLV. During the game, our team was generous with the fouls, but in the loud opinion of the red sea, the fouls were obviously miscalls by the Refs. And thanks, Refs, for not calling all of the fouls made on our team. What doesn’t kill them makes them stronger, right?

JV. Source: MVP Photography
JV. Source: MVP Photography

At least the J.V. boys didn’t have to worry as much about that. They completely dominated the court. The J.V. boys got ahead early; it was 12-2 Cougars with 4 minutes left in the 1st quarter. The boys on this team are rebounding and intercepting machines. The score at halftime was 39-21 SLV, but they didn’t stop there. These boys were always jumping up for missed shots, and always on the lookout for a pass to intercept. Not only did they have great defence, but they also had great offence. While they were stealing passes from Monte Vista, they were taking off down the court for easy layups and the shots they took almost always fell through the hoop. It was a fantastic game, and the final score was 65-43 Cougars. Coach Damian Moore was pleased to observe that “These kids played super hard, and they are playing for each other… they always support each other on [and off] the bench.”

All of the girls worked just as hard in their games, but unfortunately, with less luck. The Junior Varsity girls team had a close game, both better and worse than other recent games. During the first half of their game, they were ahead the whole time. They played competitively and never backed down; they took many shots, and many of them went in. They had a strong defense, with lots of rebounds, but that also included many fouls. During the second half, Monte Vista started to get ahead. Monte Vista had good defense with a lot of steals, and they took a lot of shots. Our team kept fighting and the final score was a close 44-30 Monte Vista. “This year’s J.V. team came together a lot better. The strongest points of the game were definitely connecting as a team,” admitted Tori Palmer.

Girl's Varsity, Source: MVP Photography
Girl’s Varsity, Source: MVP Photography

The Varsity girls had less luck. Monte Vista scored early in the first quarter, but a tough battle erupted after senior Emily Holmes made her famous 3-point shot. Soon, though, the score started to get uneven. By the end of the first half, it was 38-11 with Monte Vista in the lead. There was a lot of effort and hustle, but Monte Vista had many interceptions, layups, and made most of the shots that they took. The points went up at an equal pace, and the score at the end of the 3rd quarter was 49-22. Our girls never quit battling, but the 4th quarter was hard on them, as the final score was 73-29. As Alli Poreé, a leader and Sophomore on Varsity said, “We played well and fought as hard as we could, but today, they were just bigger and better.” Coach Bob Hitt agreed, as he stated that “We came out strong [and] competed the whole game. I’m proud of the girls.”

As for the rest of the season, Head Coach Waylon Prather expects “for us to improve every day, to learn the game of basketball, and to have fun.”

–Shelby McDirmit

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