Zimmerman: Back in the Court Room

Treyvon Martin (left) and his murdered, George Zimmerman (right). Photo From: theblaze.com
Treyvon Martin (left) and his murderer, George Zimmerman (right).
Photo From: theblaze.com

George Zimmerman was recently acquitted for the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in July; however, last week he was arrested at home after a search that revealed he was in possession of three handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun, a riffle, and 106 rounds of ammunition.

Shortly after being arrested he was released on bail, although there were numerous conditions that accompanied it. These conditions included these restrictions: Zimmerman cannot go to two Florida addresses, he cannot have contact with the accuser, Samantha Scheible, he cannot be in possession of weapons, he must wear a monitoring device, and he may not leave the state of Florida, according to John Couwels from CNN news. His bail cost him $9,000 in charges on the grounds of his aggravated assault on his girlfriend, Samantha Scheible. She claims that during an argument Zimmerman pulled out his shotgun, pointed it at her, and then used it to smash her coffee table.

During the argument Scheible told the deputies that during this argument she asked Zimmerman to leave the house they had been currently sharing. This resulted in Zimmerman packing up some of his things. His possessions included his weapons, and while he was packing them up he became angry causing him to take hold of his shotgun. In the warrant it says she told deputies that she was going to call the police when Zimmerman pulled out his shotgun and asked her if, “she really wanted to do that?” After this she claimed he pushed he out of the house while she was placing the call to 911. However, this story does not coincide with that of Zimmerman’s

George Zimmerman (right) and his recent girlfriend, as well as accusor,  Samantha Scheibe
George Zimmerman (right) and his recent girlfriend, as well as accuser, Samantha Scheibe.
Photo From: cnn.com







The story that Zimmerman told authorities was quite different from Scheible’s. According to the search warrant, Zimmerman claimed that they had already agreed to separate and he already had plans to move to Texas. However, while he was packing up his possessions, she became angry and threw his handgun at the shotgun lying on the floor.

This is the second time Zimmerman has faced serious charges with law enforcement. The first time he faced charges of manslaughter for shooting Trayvon Martin, he was acquitted. In the most recent charges brought against him, Jeff Dowdy and Daniel Megaro are representing him. These public defenders were able to maintain Zimmerman’ s bail price at 9,000, even while the Assistant State Attorney Lymary Munzo argued for a bail price of 50,000. Munzo brought a new allegation to the table while trying to persuade the judge; he said Zimmerman has tried to choke his girlfriend a little more than week prior to the shotgun incident on Monday. He had also said that Zimmerman had talked about committing suicide, providing concern for Scheilble’s overall safety. Zimmerman’s public defenders claimed they had no knowledge about these actions. The judge did not raise the bail; however there were conditions put on it.

Megaro told the press he was confident in his case, and that Zimmerman would once again be acquitted.  Although if Scheilble’s accusation is correct and he did point a shotgun at her, causing her to fear for her life, he will be serving a minimum of three years in prison. The court case that determines his sentence has still yet to commence.

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