More Library Time for SLV Students

Fear not students; your wishes have been answered. There will now be a place to stay after school should you need it. The library, once closing its doors at four o’clock—or even earlier—has made some major modifications, and now is open an hour and a half to two hours more each day.

Students have taken note of the changes and are flocking in. Even though the new library hours came into effect a short time ago, the librarian, one Ms. Jakeh Hall, testifies that every single day “students have been taking advantage of the extra time. We’ve never closed the library with no kids in it.” The library is a beautiful building full of educational and social opportunities; with the longer hours, students are able to rake in benefits, study hard, and have a little fun on the side.

Students spending time in the library. Photo From:
Students spending time in the library.
Photo From:

Of course, the activities that students do at the library vary widely. The most popular one is reading; it is a library after all. There are thousands of different books there for the students reading desires, and relaxing chairs with little tables to read them at. Although, some students are not there to read for pleasure; many have taken advantage of the extra hours to study hard for some upcoming test or quiz in one of their classes. “The extended library hours have been vitally important to my grade!” says senior Madeleine Melcher. Also vitally important to anyone’s grade are essays and projects; many people, known as printers, take advantage of the library’s open printer to print out essays, projects, and anything else needed. Other students use the new hours at the library to socialize, to play computer games with friends, or just to relax while waiting for a ride home. What could be wrong with any of that?

As it happens, there’s a good deal of debate involving the new library hours, and it’s not new. The extended library hours have been in hot contention for years, and even now might be removed. “We are hoping that they stay,” says Ms. Hall, “we’ve advocated for these hours for quite awhile. Ultimately though, that decision goes to Ms. Van Putten.” If students wish to keep this newfound gift, they must use their time in the library wisely; the extended library hours are a privilege, not a right, and could be taken away if Ms. Van Putten sees that students are not using this wonderful resource to its full potential.

The computer lab, just one of the resources the library provides. Photo From:
The computer lab, just one of the resources the library provides.
Photo From:

Overall, student support for the new library hours has been overwhelmingly positive. “The library hours are definitely useful days when I’m busy.” says Jessica Gnau, senior. Her sentiment is echoed by Christian Collen, who says “Yes, I mean, you might as well keep the library open if you have it. Plus, it’s nice when you need to study.” Wise words, those. After all, a library is a library; it is a beacon of education and free thought, and it’s a wee bit hard for people to think freely if they’re trapped outside in freezing cold weather.

Hopefully, these changes will stay in place and be passed down to future generations of students. The library has hundreds of possible uses; it’s up to students to find them out and use them properly. Just watch out for knowledge; it might come creeping up on you when you least expect it when you’re in the library.

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