Winter Break Plans


Break time is an exciting time of the year here in the valley. The Christmas lights are brought out from dusty boxes and strung across trees and relatives are brought together over hot chocolate and sugar cookies. Winter Break is just around the corner; let’s look at what students at SLV are doing this year for the holiday!

Traveling during break is a great way to spend the holiday! Senior, Nina Narachi is doing just that and says, “A couple of my friends and I are all doing an ugly Christmas sweater dinner and family wise I think I’m going to my uncle’s ranch in Santa Barbara.” Nina’s unique Christmas dinner tradition of dressing up and hanging out with your friends may be something you want to take up!

Sophie Widman, Senior, says she’s traveling up to visit her family in Madison, Wisconsin. Sophie continues and says, “The best part is that it’s all snowy and wonderful and I get to go sledding!” She adds, “This year when we go, I have an acting audition for one of the schools I have already been accepted too, for a scholarship!” Make sure to wish Sophie good luck on her audition!

Crest Tree Farm. Source:

Marie Schoepp, Junior, is doing the classic Christmas tradition. She’s cutting down her own Christmas tree at Crest tree farm with her and her family. This holiday tradition is something everyone must do with their family to get into the Christmas spirit.

Carly Zilge, Sophomore, says, “On winter break my family and I decorate our Christmas tree, and we have a tradition where we watch Elf while eating open faced turkey sandwiches.” Watching holiday movies and eating delicious food is the ideal thing to do for winter break.  Winter Break is the perfect time to bond with family and catch up on those books that have been sitting on your shelf; or for some procrastinating seniors, doing college applications.

-Jessica Holle

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