SLV Students Reflect of the Most Memorable Moments of 2013

With 2013 drawing to a close we reflect upon the year that so quickly passed. Many students at SLV had unforgettable experiences throughout 2013. Here are some students most memorable events of 2013:

“I went to San Francisco with the French students and it was fun.” – Katie Maxwell

“Seeing Theresa Bridges.” – Michael Cremonini

“When we adopted my little sister.” – Harena Haile

“When Dante Corona took his shirt off in math class.” – Sebastian Vroman-Nell “The weekend, every weekend.” – Shelby Jones

“When I saw a tree grow.” – Angel Roland

“Oh, probably meeting X’s ferret.” – Sage Pell

“When I got my license.” – Jack Kelley

“When I went to Catalina.” – Nijah Newtree


-Paloma Auldridge

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