Player Profile: Natasha Tanner

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Whether in the pool, on the field, or in the classroom, Junior Natasha Tanner is always excelling at something.

A star athletically and academically.
A star athletically and academically.

From a young age, Natasha (known by her friends as “Tash”) has participated in all kinds of extracurriculars including soccer since the age of six, and school band since the fifth grade. Fall of her freshman year, Natasha joined the school water polo team, continued Soccer as a defender, and started her first year of high school swimming after several years of competition with the UCSC Slugs. As a sophomore, Tanner was a member of the girls Varsity Water Polo and Soccer teams, and the JV swim team. Now, in her third year of high school, Natasha’s busy schedule promises continuation. She will fill up any free time by participating in fall, winter, and spring sports as well as practicing her clarinet.

Natasha has also been very successful academically. As long as teachers have been giving students ‘A’s’, Natasha has been getting them. She has maintained a minimum 4.0 GPA through all of middle school and high school, and even took AP Environmental Science as a sophomore. This year she is effectively juggling three AP classes and can be seen frequently monitoring her grades on Powerschool, checking for the rare but still horrifying ‘B’. Natasha is also current member of both CSF and NHS.

In the minimal free time she has, Natasha enjoys spending time with her family: her parents, dogs Crisco and Ferrous, and cats Clover and Zinc.

Look for Natasha on the soccer field this winter and on the diving blocks this spring, she never ceases to impress!

-Veronica Vickers

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