Thanksgiving is Here Once Again

Here’s a riddle for readers: what goes gobble-gobble and loves to eat corn? A family of Californians sitting around the table eating turkey and cornbread on Thanksgiving, that’s who. Yes, its here again, that time of year that is synonymous with eating, turkeys, and enormous floating fictitious characters. Just make sure to give thanks and help others in need. Some people can’t enjoy all the comforts of Thanksgiving. Bringing cans to your third period class will help others enjoy their thanksgiving

Now, what exactly is Thanksgiving? When President Lincoln established Thanksgiving in 1863, it was intended to be a simple holiday of observance and peace, which was needed during those war torn years. The ideals of Thanksgiving began to change in the 1930’s, when Franklin Roosevelt set Thanksgiving Day earlier in the month to lengthen the Christmas buying season; since those long gone days, almost every aspect of Thanksgiving has become increasingly commercialized. However, at its heart, Thanksgiving still remains the same holiday, with the same importance today as a century ago.

A full thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. Photo From:
A full thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.
Photo From:

There is one part of Thanksgiving, which has stayed intrinsically the same since its establishment: the food. For many Americans, Thanksgiving dinner is the best meal of the entire year. In fact, there are debates among students as to what food is the best! “The stuffing is my favorite part. Stuffing and gravy.” says Noah Chambers. Shelby Mcdermott disagrees, saying “Turkey’s the best. But all the food is all pretty good.” With so many dishes to choose from, it’s no mystery as to why these debates rage; traditional Thanksgiving dishes include stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie cornbread, sweet corn, squash, and of course, turkey. Hungry yet?

However, before the food is eaten, thanks must be given; that is, after all, the name of the holiday. So what is everyone thankful for? “Just thankful for being alive. And the Doctor Who 50th anniversary.” says Josh Evans. His sentiment was echoed by many around campus, some of who have already begun to discuss travel plans. Of course, it is important to realize during this time of year that some people don’t have much to be thankful for. There are several food drives and soup kitchens open on Thanksgiving that try to give everyone, no matter how destitute, a little bit of warmth and hope. For more information on the food drives and how to help those in need, pay a visit to, Santa Cruz branch. It’ll help someone in need have a good time.

Opening of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Photo From:
Opening of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Photo From:

Speaking of good times, one of the best traditions of Thanksgiving is the annual Macy’s Day parade in New York. The parade, lasting over three hours, is comprised of floats, balloons, falloons, balloonicles, marching squads, flower girls, fireworks, belly dancers, colorful cars, and myriad other entertaining spectacles (Whew!). However, the stars of the show must surely be the giant balloons. Over one hundred floats currently fly in the parade, based on an astonishing array of fictional characters, as well as a few real people. New floats to look out for this year include Finn and Jake from Adventure Time and Toothless the Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. That’ll be something to look forward to, eh?

And if watching something on television isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of other fun Thanksgiving traditions to take part in. Socializing with relatives is the obvious one, and it’s popular among the older generations. If that cup of tea is not quite right, there is an abundance of arts and crafts that are Thanksgiving themed. Why not take up the crocheting needles and knit an ugly sweater for Christmas? Apparently that’s an Internet meme now.

It’s coming closer. The smell of pumpkin pie is wafting closer, as is the taste of turkey. Just a few more days and we’ll be stuffing our faces with stuffing, quite possibly. Just don’t forget to be thankful for something on Thanksgiving. It’s a non-negotiable part of the holiday.

-Zach Passmore

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