Text Bombing: From Hinderance to Homicide

How many times have you caught yourself sending one of your friends multiple texts as a joke? Text bombing can be considered a funny prank, but when taken too far it can be harmful—or in an extreme case, fatal.

Text bombing is a primitive new form of cyber bullying that has blossomed from the many apps and websites that allow you to send multiple copies of the same text up to 10,000 times. Its mostly an underground problem, but is threatening to burst into the main stream. To some this may just be considered a minor annoyance, but to others it means much more than just that.

Haley "Danielle" Cox. Photo From: Legacy.com
Haley “Danielle” Cox.
Photo From: Legacy.com

In 2011, a fifteen year old girl from Louisiana Haley “Danielle” Cox, committed suicide because of text bombing. She was sent more than a hundred messages by one of her classmates all containing phrases such as, “I wont miss you” “You’re not important,” and “Just end it already.” Danielle was treated once before for attempted suicide, but the text bombs were so bad that, a few months later, she took her own life.

Other instances of text bombing involve people who have posted a phone number on public websites and, as revenge, encouraged people to text bomb it. Text bombing not only puts you at risk for some serious charges legally, it can also create an astronomical phone bill for the person receiving the messages. If you’ve been receiving texts such as these, there’s a way to stop it. There are spam-blocking apps that can prevent text bombing, such as Text Bomb Defender and Number Cop.

Though the students and teachers at SLV were slightly ill informed on the subject of text bombing, some of them formed opinions.  One student, Michael Mattoch explained a situation he was in where he was text bombed. “It wasn’t in a hurtful way- it was just one of my friends pranking me. It froze my phone though, which was a bit annoying.” Natalie Gallagher voiced her opinion on the software used to text bomb. “It’s the most lazy way for someone to be harmful, which opens up so many opportunities for people.”

This also brings up the subject of the advancement of our technology into current times. With all these new websites and apps available at the flick of a switch, it’s easy to see that our world is changing. I talked to Ross Parmenter about where he thought our world was headed in regards to technology.

He states, “I think these new means of technology are horrible and it’s just going to get worse and worse as we progress through each generation. I worry for my daughters who are just being introduced to this horrible new way to communicate or bully.” Others share different opinions. Senior Ariana Sartor states, “I was text bombed in the sixth grade when I had a flip phone- it can happen whatever the means on technology are.”

No matter which side you take in regards to technology, it can be agreed upon by most that text bombing is not something to take lightly.

-Celia Hare

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