The Ten Most Underrated Albums of 2013

The Black Angels – Indigo Meadow
The Black Angels, a 60’s free love revival group with stoner fuzz influences from Texas, has released four studio albums, each of which pulses with a pacifist psychedelic vibe.

Cage the Elephant – Melophobia
Cage the Elephant (known for their single “Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked”)’s most recent album departs from their well-known alternative rock style and explores more psychedelic realms.

Sasquatch – IV

Sasquatch emerged in Los Angeles in 2004 as the hard rock equivalent of a rabid bronco. One decade and four albums later, and their pulse-pounding rhythm section and heavy fuzz guitar shows no sign of slowing down.

White Lies – Big TV
The latest album by London’s group White Lies lays an excellent indie foundation with a masterful synth compliment upon which Harry McVeigh’s vocals capture the listener’s ear.

Arctic Monkeys – AM
This thrilling new album, by a band known for their flexibility of genre, delves into a darker and seedier emotion, with aggressive beats and progressions that conjure images of sin.

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats – Mind Control
Mind Control is the latest album from England’s hardest-hitting psychedelic retro metal group, and presents itself as a romping anthem for both occult rockers and psychonauts out of time.

Andrew Stockdale – Keep Moving
Andrew Stockdale rose to fame as the iconic front man of Australian hard rock band Wolfmother, formed in 2000. The album is Stockdale’s first solo work, and mixes Wolfmother’s heavy throwback 70’s style sound with softer Americana influences.

Iceage – You’re Nothing
In 2011, teenage bandmates of Iceage exploded onto the Danish punk scene with a power that was amazingly refined for their age and experience. Their most recent album is more refined and coherent, but holds just as much messy gumption as their debut.

STRFKR – Miracle Mile
The Latest album by Josh Hodge’s indie electronica group, this work shows the Oregon group coming into their own and collaborating for their own smooth and groovy wide-spectrum sound.

MGMT’s recent album delivers a re-imagined and tangential sound that freely celebrates the liberated mind in a style all their own; an experiment done right by the Connecticut group.

-Sam Wiley

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