Untraditional Traditions

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Some families go against the norm of the traditional Thanksgiving day meal, including kids in our own valley. Students at SLV share with us some of their unusual Thanksgiving day meals and traditions they have adopted throughout the years.

Source: inthecapital.streetwise.co
Source: inthecapital.streetwise.co

Some Thanksgiving traditions rely on a change in family attire. Sophomore, Bailey Tregembo, replies, “On Thanksgiving, our whole family wears ugly sweaters.” Maybe you and your family may want to kick-off the holiday with this unusual tradition to get in the mood for this giving holiday.

Even some people change which day they celebrate Thanksgiving on. Senior, Abby Sherman responds saying that her parents and her celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday, because she has a Cross Country State meet two days before. As a runner, Abby’s coach doesn’t recommend runners eating hearty meals, or turkey before races. This is a smart way to enjoy Thanksgiving, spend time with your family, and celebrate the holiday after the race

Source: www.sfgate.com
Source: http://www.sfgate.com

Some family traditions, exclude the well-known turkey. Ali Rosario, Senior, says, “Instead of a turkey meal, we substitute crab instead.” Even if you’re not a turkey lover, you can still enjoy this joyful holiday and have one of your favorite entrees instead.

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, spend time with family, and gorge yourself in delicious food. These unusual traditions in the valley show just a handful of bizarre cultures our valley has to offer. Maybe you’d like to adopt one of these delightful traditions and get into the spirit of this cheery holiday.

-Jessica Holle

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