Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Are you clueless on what you want to be for Halloween? Well you are not alone! Many students procrastinate and wait till Halloween eve to even begin contemplating their costume. This horrifying and gut-wrenching time of year is just around the corner, so make sure you have a costume that will get the most loot! Here are some last minute costume ideas that may strike your interest.

A fun costume for guys or girls! Photo:
A fun costume for guys or girls! Photo:

Bring out your inner geek, and go as a nerd! Wear a button up shirt and tuck it into your shorts and wear suspenders. Now, grab a pair of diamond plaid knee high socks, and tape a pair of your glasses. Carry around some of your textbooks to complete your look! Just like that, you are ready to hit up neighborhoods for some scrumptious candy.

Be the classic ghost costume that is seen in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! All you need is a plain white sheet, and scissors. You can purchase one of these sheets at your local thrift store, or a stained sheet that has no use in your house. Take your pair of scissors and cut in two holes in your sheet for your eyes. Make sure to practice on your scary sound effects!

This creative costume may catch some superhero fan’s eye. All you need is a, white oxford shirt, a tie, superman shirt, and some glasses; and go as Clark Kent. With your superhero attitude, this costume is sure to win some major booty. Go and save lives!

The ever-popular black cat costume, sassy and cute! Photo:
The ever-popular black cat costume, sassy and cute! Photo:

If you are stuck in a rut, here is a costume that everyone has the materials for. Be a black cat; dress yourself in all black, add ears and draw whiskers on your face with marker. This super easy costume is perfect in spirit of Halloween.

Bring out your creative side and go as an artist. This easy costume is sure to be a major hit. To design this costume, all you need is white clothes, paint, and a pallet; then splatter paint on your clothes, and carry around a paintbrush. This innovative costume is perfect for Halloween trick-or-treating.

-Jessica Holle

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