Girls Volleyball Nears the End of a Successful Season

SLV’s girls volleyball teams are passing, setting, and spiking their way into the final weeks of their fall season.

Long time player and varsity player at SLV, Alicia Magliato said that the varsity team is “ready for another win!” after some well-

The Varsity girls coming together before a game. Photo From: MVP Photography
The Varsity girls coming together before a game.
Photo From: MVP Photography

fought but lost matches. The girls currently stand in fifth place in their league and things are looking positive for the remainder of the season. “We work really well together” says Magliato with regards to the team’s cohesion, “and we’re playing our best”. The next varsity game is an away game against Santa Cruz High School, who the girls beat in their last encounter, on the twenty-fourth. They will then go on to play one final home game against the St. Francis Sharks on the twenty-ninth and conclude their season with an away game against Soquel on the thirtieth.

The JV girls team have enjoyed a season of overwhelming success this year. Sophomore Anna Morris says the team is “very close” and “really enjoy playing” which may contribute to the season’s positive outcome. They have lost only three of the sixteen games they’ve played, one to Harbor High School and two to Scotts Valley. The remainder of their games have been victorious, and Morris says the girls “plan on winning the rest”, referring of course to the last few of the team’s season. With the way things are going for the JV team, “winning the rest” seems to be doable. They finish off their season with games on the twenty-fourth, twenty-ninth, and thirtieth against Santa Cruz, St. Francis, and Soquel respectively.

-Veronica Vickers

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