Girls Golf Finishes Season

The girl’s golf season has come to an end, and these ladies have come out of it with a lot: they beat Soquel twice, but even better, they’ve walked off of the course with lasting friendships. As Nicole Scarpace said, “Morally we did well… [the girls] have come to love and respect each other, and we are sad that the season is over.” Although the numbers didn’t turn out quite as well as they wanted, no girl seemed upset because they were all new to the game, and they appreciate the time they spent together and the fun environment in which they were able to learn. The coach Shane Sutcliffe was very encouraging, according to Scarpace, and made learning golf enjoyable.

Jordan Martinez told me: “We had a really fun time together, and I wish we could have all played together from the first year.” She was also very eager to let me know how encouraging it was to beat Soquel.

The girls dressing up as Coach Suttcliffe. Photo: Nicole Scarpace's facebook
The girls dressing up as Coach Suttcliffe. Photo: Facebook

Along with his team, Sutcliffe was very pleased with how the season went. He sometimes joked about the team track record, as most students know that he would, but was always serious when he spoke about how proud he is of the girls and how much fun he’s had this season. He also talked about how glad he was to teach the students a sport that they can play for the rest of their lives. The girls also spoke highly of him as a coach; they talked about how much he pushed them to keep working and to do better and, how sensitive he was.

Five of the six players will be graduating this year, leaving junior Jordan Martinez to keep going with her career of high school golf. While talking to Scarpace, she said that she is eager to keep playing golf as a life-long sport, like many of the other girls are.

Although golf season is over, Jordan Martinez, Skylar Delvy, Nicole Scarpace, Jennifer Swenson, Jessica Ellis, and Gabi Sermeno have all swung hard, learned much, and have created unforgettable memories of teamwork and friendship.

-Shelby McDirmit

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