Football Off to a Rocky Start

The SLV Cougars football program is facing one of its most difficult seasons yet. Following a tough game against Edison High, the Varsity team has been struggling to get back on its feet. After being fended off by the Mills Vikings, the Cougars almost secured their second victory against the Watsonville Wildcatz before suffering a saddening loss during the final few plays of the game, which ended 7-14 to Watsonville.

Wide receiver Shaden Pias, running the ball down the field.
Wide receiver Shaden Pias, running the ball down the field.
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Following Watsonville, despite a number of injured and otherwise sidelined players, the Cougars bravely faced the Los Altos Eagles and Harbor Pirates. Harbor High, also experiencing a rocky start to the season, shutout the Cougars 21-0, which is the first time they have won a game against SLV since 1994.

Robbie D’Amato, Team Captain, gave the following statement when asked about what he is hoping to see from his fellow players, “Although faced with adversity at every turn, I am hoping to see my teammates continue to perceiver as we work harder than ever to put our best foot forward. We are keeping our moral up, and doing everything we can to benefit the team as a whole.” Waterboy Christian Collen, who was sidelined due to an injury sustained preseason, quoted Head Coach Dave Poetzinger’s message to the team, “In defeat, you learn your character.” as a strong reminder to the team that, “as long as we keep our heads up and approach every game as a fresh start, we can still have an amazing season.”

Kjell Johnson running the ball during the Homecoming game against Santa Cruz.
Kjell Johnson running the ball during the Homecoming Game against Santa Cruz.
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Homecoming game was played this past weekend on Saturday October 19th. Both teams were neck to neck through the first half of the game, pushing each other back yard by yard. Despite an amazing performance with more than one notable run by Team Captain Kjell Johnson, the Cougars were unable to hold their ground against the Santa Cruz Cardinals who jabbed their way through the Cougars defense to two more touchdowns and the victory. The final score was 31-6.

Junior Varsity is experiencing an amazing year.  Undefeated so far, 7-0,  they are moving through the opposition like a hot knife through butter. Managing to defeat the ruthless Edison High 19-13, JV has continued to sweep through the competition, mauling all in their path. A very promising team, they are putting everything they have into the game. Working hard under the tutelage of  Junior Varsity Head Coach, Kirk Jennings, JV is developing into a close knit team that functions well together while upholding the pristine reputation of the SLV cougars as courteous, respectable athletes. Middle Linebacker, Scott Poetzinger, praised his team, saying, “We are all working as hard as we can. Our main focus is on directing our teamwork and will to win towards the endzone. Everyone is pulling their own weight and making the effort to keep the team as functional and menacing as possible. We are in it to win it.” This is definitely a team to watch, with many players showing athletic promise that will be invaluable to Varsity in the coming years.

Both Varsity and JV games will resume on November 2nd, and all students and school staff are encouraged to attend.

-Noah Chambers

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