Fall Fashion

photo 1
Boots, scarves, and warm jackets, staples in a Fall wardrobe.

It’s that time of year again to spend our days huddling together for warmth like penguins, fall. With it comes the drinking of pumpkin spice lattes and dressing for comfort. We all appreciate a cozy sweater day, sitting by a fire with a cup of our favorite warm drink, but the eternal question of the changing seasons still exists. What will everyone be wearing this autumn? We all know that a lot of the boys will simply add a jacket to their basketball short-esque look and only graduate to pants when it’s almost snowing outside. For the more fashion forward boys and girls among us however, the ideal chilly weather is perfect for casual-chic sweaters, fuzzy socks and knee-high boots.

Here in California the weather doesn’t turn cold enough to warrant fall fashion until it’s almost winter, but that doesn’t stop us from hipster shopping at thrift shops for the occasional ugly sweater or vintage combat boots. Our school isn’t big on high-heeled shoes or letterman jackets but this fall’s closet fashionistas may end up adding a few inches to the heels of our tall boots (for functionality purposes, of course). And last but not least the Ugg-boots or, “Spaceman-boots,” as sophomore, April Martin-Hansen calls them, will sneak out from the backs of our closets as the socially acceptable alternative to slippers.

A more distressed look can be seen in this jacket, jeans, and old boots.

The ever-popular vintage-grunge styles will emerge from hiding and bring with them the combat boots and military jackets popular last fall with the addition of this year’s trend: overalls. Although jeans will carry on their reign as the most common pant choice, many will change it up with a flair, as boot-cut, skinny, ripped, or colored adaptations be sighted on the legs of the bold. When we emerge from the annual Indian summer of October and early November the frost will carry with it pea coats and scarves with mittens for the warm-weather types. As  Theresa Bridges puts it: “Seriously the weather needs to make up it’s mind! Because one day it’s hot and the next it’s freezing!”

Sweaters and tights all around!

When the Ugg boots, sweat-pants, and beanie hats start popping up among the student population we all know that person who has just given up on dressing up for school by the end of the first grading period. For those among us who keep dressing to impress all year out come the tights, oversized sweaters and headbands associated with a chill in the air and frost on the windshield in the morning. Whatever you wear this fall remember that fashion isn’t only a means impress others, but also a way to express your personal style. No matter what you wear to school, just be yourself this autumn!

Here are some tips on how to transition those summer outfits you may still be attached to into something more suitable for fall:

-Katie Maxwell

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