Cross Country Experiencing a Very Successful Season

Three SLV girls running in the Stanford Invitational. Photo From: Facebook
Three SLV girls running in the Stanford Invitational.
Photo From: Facebook

The San Lorenzo Valley cross-country team is racing through another very promising season as the girls compete to take their 12th CCS championship.  Recent races have proved the ardor of these competitors. Anna Maxwell had the fastest times of all of the girls in both races, with times of 17:22 at the Stanford Invitational and 17:00 at Crystal Springs. October 12th was the Sierra Invitational at Crystal Springs, where the girls took 2nd, out of 26 girl’s teams, and the boys took 12th out of 33 boy’s teams. The girl’s race was as competitive as ever, as senior Claire MacMillan took 3rd place of 178 girls with a time of 18:03, and freshman Abbey Meck took 7th with 18:31. Jessica Jensen ended with a time of 19:13, Abby Sherman with 20:10, Katie Lamb with 20:35, and Nicole Roth with 21:26. The boy’s race was equally as treacherous, as senior Jacob Hicks took 12th place of 230 boys with a time of 16:25, and junior Eli Young took 40th place with 17:03. Matt Abernathy went home with the time of 17:36, Jacob Anderson with 17:39, Alejandro Corona with 18:09, Mitchell San José with 18:22, and Mairo Kuntze with 18:29. The coach Rob Collins is “very impressed with his team,” he said, “and the season is going extremely well. As a coach, I’m always asking for more, but when the kids are giving their one-hundred percent–and it really shows, I just can’t ask for more.”

Some of the boys and girls from the Mt. Sac invitational race. Photo From: Facebook
Some of the boys and girls from the Mt. Sac invitational race.
Photo From: Facebook

Right now, everybody’s focus is turning toward one of the biggest races of the season, Mt. Sac in Los Angeles. Katrina Luque explained that it’s an intense run, but it is also pretty unique: cows are a common obstacle and many fans like to cheer with their personal cowbells. All of the runners are anticipating keeping up their good running, as they took first last year. J-Cerra is the one single other school that could pose a challenge. They have been head-to-head with SLV during past seasons, and the team looks to beat J-Cerra this year. Girl’s captain Anna Maxwell that: “As long as we run as a pack, we’ll dominate… Other teams will not be anticipating how well our runners are doing,” she stated. “To win Mt. Sac would be a really special way to finish senior year.” Boy’s captain Jacob Hicks agreed, saying: “We’re looking forward to Mt. Sac, but we really need to push ourselves.” One last major recent event of excitement was the Stanford invitational.

September 28th was the Stanford Invitational, a 5k race, in which the girl’s team took 1st place, out of 31 girl’s teams; out of 222 girls, Abbey Meck took 7th place with a time of 8:47 and Claire MacMillan took 11th with a time of 19:03. Jessica Jensen finished with a time of 19:47, Katie Lamb with 20:57, Jessica Germany with 21:38, and Nicole Roth with 21:46. The boy’s team took 19th place earlier that morning. Out  of 245 boys, Jacob Hicks took 18th place with a time of 16:38 and Matt Abernathy took 80th place with a time of 17:36. Jacob Anderson finished with 18:00, Mairo Kuntze with 18:32, Alejandro Corona with 18:38, Mitchell San José with 18:43, and Tyler Van Winkle with 19:00.

-Shelby McDirmit

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