Rivalry Leads to Dodgers Fan Death

On September 25th, 2013, following the Giants victory over the Dodgers in their home stadium, a game-based rivalry led to a grievous altercation in which 24 year old, Jonathan Denver, was fatally stabbed.

Jonathan Denver (on the left) with his father and brother at AT&T Park cheering for the Dodgers.
Jonathan Denver (on the left) with his father and brother at AT&T Park cheering for the Dodgers.                                         Image From: SFGate

Reportedly the incident occurred post-game, when Denver’s group was leaving a nightclub to go home. According to internet sources, after exchanging heated words with his future assailants concerning their individual fandom, a small fight broke out in which Denver was stabbed repeatedly by his assailants  before they fled the scene. According to the suspect, Michael Montgomery, he was the one attacked first and he “stabbed Denver in self-defense after Denver hit him over the head with a chair.”

The rivalry between the Dodgers and the Giants is infamous within the sports community, with many referring to it as, “the greatest baseball rivalry of all time.” Unfortunately, quite a number of individuals are absorbed into the tumultuous ocean of competitive outbursts that constitutes this rivalry, with many physical fights taking place over the years.

The situation revolving around Denver’s death is oddly reminiscent of the Bryan Stow beating in March of 2011. Both fights were instigated by members of the winning team, and both fights resulted in severe bodily harm. Bryan Stow, a giants fan, received permanent brain damage at the hands of his perpetrators, Dodgers fans, from which he is still attempting to recover. Still struggling to regain the broken fragments of his life, Stow is now faced with the challenge of finding a new source of income since the attack has left him unable to perform the physical duties demanded of him from his job as a Paramedic. Denver was unfortunately not as lucky as Stowe, as the ‘Giants fans’ he was arguing with used a knife instead of their fists.

Tian Mirande, an SLV player and devoted Giants fan spoke about the rivalry in distaste, “The whole point of baseball, or any sport really, is to have fun as a team. Rivalry and competition are good, but this is something else. It is sickening to think that lunatics like this are out there. In the end it’s just a game, and for people to senselessly die because of a stupid team rivalry is beyond absurd.”

Suspect Michael Montgomery Image From: Facebook
Suspect Michael Montgomery
Image From: Facebook

Due to a lack of evidence, San Francisco Police have released the suspect in the Denver case, Michael Montgomery, until sufficient evidence has been gathered. The Father of Denver has issued public statements asking potential witnesses or anyone who might have videotaped the fight to come forward to ensure his son gets the justice he  deserves.

-Noah Chambers

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