One Direction: This Is Us

Photo Sep 29, 3 48 34 PM

On August 29th, the world’s number one boy band from Britain released their own movie in 3D. This Is Us, by One Direction, gives insight on the lives of Zayne, Nial, Harry, Liam and Louis. Throughout the movie, they do a good job at keeping it upbeat and entertaining. They worked hard to humanize the band and let the audience really get to know the boys. Two of the main aspects of the movie were showing them having fun and proving they’re like all other typical teenagers.

They brought to the audience’s attention the fact that their tours are very tiring, causing them to be exhausted, but they still manage to find the bright side of situations and attempt to make things fun while on tour.

Another main topic of the film was the nature of their fans and the gratitude they had towards them. During each performance, One Direction would tell how much their fans mean to them and their career. The fans  express how much they love One Direction in a variety of ways – from wearing their merchandise to girls drawing on their faces with Sharpies. A fan is a fan, and without them, the band wouldn’t have gotten this far.

At the end of the day One Direction, This Is Us is a decent movie. It supplies fans with information on their obsession, while keeping it interesting enough for other viewers with comedy, constant scene changes, and special 3D effects on their performances. If you’re a fan of One Direction then you should go see This Is Us, which ends in the end of September.

-Cyndal Jacobson

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