Girl’s Tennis Enters a Rebuilding Year

Ashley Brumbaugh (pictured) and her teammates are practicing hard.
Ashley Brumbaugh (pictured) and her teammates are working hard to improve this season.

The girls tennis team here at SLV is just beginning their fall season for the 2013 year. After three days of evaluation, the girls started practicing Monday through Thursday each week at Highlands park in Ben Lomond. They have been working hard to build their skills for what their coach, Wayne Sandles, calls “a rebuilding year”. The loss of three experienced players last year forced Sandles to reevaluate his team’s direction for the new season. Eight out of ten girls on the team this year are freshmen or sophomores without much experience playing real matches. This year will provide for much needed practice and experience in league play next year. This fall season will be focused on “getting them ready… to play next year”, says Sandles. Instead of official league games, the girls will be splitting into doubles teams and playing against each other in casual matches. These “inter-squad scrimmages” are aimed at replicating the feeling of an actual match and will hopefully be effective in preparing the girls for a more official next season. Sophomore Madeline Peterson said she thought the practices were “fun” and seemed hopeful for a good first experience with the sport. With all the practice soon to come this year, hopes are high for next season.

-Veronica Vickers

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