Cross Country Starts off the Season With Impressive Results and High Goals

“We have a strong team and if we put our minds to it, we can go farther than we ever have,” said Addie Pavelko after the first race of the season where the girls took 1st place out of 45 girls’ 1209077_10201454837866569_1495190585_nteams. They had a combined time of 1:39:02 in Toro Park, Salinas on Saturday, September 7th  at the Early Bird Invitational. It was a battle against the elements for these runners—the sun beat down on them with temperatures in the 90s, and after three miles of hardship, they could see the finish line and knew they would make it. The crowd cheered for Anna as she crossed the finish line with the 2nd best time ever at Toro Park. “If you want to be one of the best, you have to compete with the best,” said Coach Rob Collins. That has certainly held true for this team. The winning team consisted of: Anna Maxwell, who took 1st place out of an amazing 650 girls with her record- breaking time of17:23, Claire MacMillan who took 4th with a time of 18:51, Jessica Jenson with a time of 20:11, Katie Lamb at 20:53, Jessica Germany with 21:44, Nicole Roth with 21:56, and Abby Sherman at 22:31. The girls have had 13 CCS Championships and were #3 in the state during  this years  preseason.
The question came up asking the girls if they think we can live up to the Cougar legacy this year, and modest Anna Maxwell said, “I just know that we are looking forward to a very strong season.” Coach Thea Jorgensen confidently stated: “The girl’s goal is the state title, and I think I can get it.”
The boys and girls each have different goals, but the coaches want both of the teams to stay as healthy as possible throughout the season.
The boys suffered the same hardships—three full miles under the beating sun, enduring the heat, the exhaustion, but they pulled through at a decent 23rd place of 49 boys’ teams, with a combined time of 1:31:13. The boy’s team had: Jacob Hicks, who took home a deserved 67th place of a whopping 972 boys with a time of 17:15, Matt Abernathy who ended with a nice 112th place at 17:54, Jacob Anderson with 18:26, Alejandro Corona at 18:46, Mairo Kuntze with 18:52, Mitchell San Jose with 19:28, and Tyler Van Winkle at 19:46.
Jacob Hicks, one of the Team Captains, told me his thought are on the season so far. He said: “Our team is working hard—both boys and girls. We’re all determined to be great this year and are looking forward to the rest of the season.” I also asked him about his thoughts on the race, and he replied that personally it didn’t feel great, but, “… it was the first race and we’ve gotta start somewhere. Our team as a whole did great, though.”
Mitchell San Jose said that the goal for the boy’s team is to get to State, and everybody is looking forward to seeing SLV succeed.
-Shelby McDirmit

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