Thrilling New Roller Coaster at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Photo Sep 27, 11 15 10 PMWith Summer 2013 in our past, we all wonder why the new Boardwalk ride, Undertow, was never opened as promised. Undertow, the newest addition to the Boardwalk, is the only spinning steel roller coaster in Northern California, and is manufactured by the German company, Maurer Söhne. It is the replacement for Hurricane, a 20 year old coaster that saw it’s closing run last Labor Day. Hurricane was sold to Western Playland Amusement Park in New Mexico and was listed at $500,000.

Part of the reason for Undertow’s late unveiling is problems with European import as well as a pending “state mandated Photo Sep 27, 11 14 55 PMinspection process”. The exact opening date of the $5.5 million roller coaster is still in question, but will probably be in the near future, as the coaster is fully assembled and tests are being performed.

The wait is well worth it, because Undertow reaches speeds of up to 40 mph, has heights of up to 50 ft., and is 1410 ft. long, according to the Boardwalk. “It’s a really fun ride. Not only does it go up, down, and around, but you spin while you’re doing it,” said Kris Reyes, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk spokesman (via Central Coast News KION 46). The Boardwalk has promised that each ride will be different every time you ride it, depending on the rider’s various positions and weights.

If you’re tired of the same old rides at the Boardwalk, then be sure to check out the new ride, Undertow. For more information, check out videos and facts at http://

-Paloma Auldridge


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