Student Poll: What Cougars Think of Miley Cyrus’s Raunchy Duet

Photo Sep 27, 11 01 47 PM-“She’s an embarrassment to America. It’s not like we’re bad enough already”. – Gianna Meschi (Senior)

-“I thought her performance wasn’t in good taste, but it’s cool that she decided to do what she wants to do”. – Molly Judd (Senior)

-“The performance was trashy and she has changed a lot.” – Maddy McMillan (Freshman)

-“I thought it was alright, and she’s a great twerker. I liked her ponytails.” (Sarcasm) – Grayson Greco (Freshman)

-“Her performance was despicable and a horrible representation. I was embarrassed and disgusted that my daughter had to watch that.” – Mr. Parmenter


-Jessica Holle

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