Freshman Impressions

Every fall, we find ourselves starting yet another year of school. We go through the normal drills, but for incoming freshmen high school is a new and unique experience. Every freshman has different first day encounters, so we asked some what their first reactions were.

What are your first impressions of high school?

“It’s pretty nice. Mostly I like the books; I like how many books I got.” -Zachary Goodall

“Big, scary, because it’s a whole bunch of people you don’t really know.” -Kira Claes

“Well, it’s quite fun and a very different workload.” -Julianna Mansau

What is your favorite teacher and why?

“My English teacher, Morris. He’s just nice and crazy, I guess.” -Zachary Goodall

“Poetzinger, because he’s really energetic, and he makes the lessons interesting.” -Kira Claes

“Mr. Sanderson because he teaches English Foundations, and writing is fun.” – Julianna Mansau

What is the biggest difference from middle school to high school?

“Probably the library has different books, and slightly different schedules and traffic.” -Zachary Goodall

“You have more freedom and the drama mellows down.” -Kira Claes

“There are some mature people at least.” -Julianna Mansau

-Paloma Auldridge

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