SLV Offers Students a Variety of Clubs

Being such a diverse school, San Lorenzo Valley High has an abundance of clubs that come from all different interest areas. The president of each club has enlightened us on details of what their clubs are all about. Here we provide all the information you need to get involved in one of these clubs.

First of all, there are a collection of clubs that are more community-oriented. If you would like to get more active and involved in our society, these student organizations are perfect for you! Below are some areas you might be interested in:

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) highlights a big population of our unique school and county. President Molly Judd outlines the club as, “… a collection

QSA and NCBI's shared booth attracted students interested in
QSA and NCBI’s shared booth attracted students interested in

of queer and allied students to meet and promote equality throughout our campus and community and by the end of the year we are a family.” If you want to join this club, go to G6(Salido) at lunch on Wednesdays.

NCBI is another club that has close relations to QSA. Kelsey Cook gives provides us with an idea of what the club is all about, “NCBI is a national coalition building institute that collects kids and staff to help learn about diversity and accept each other equally for who they are.” Sam Van Pykeren is another leader of the club that is encouraging students to join. Meeting time is to be announced soon.

Key Club is a club that provides local community service. Sam Van Pykeren elaborates on this club as he states, “This is a student-based organization that works both on campus and in the community to help promote student involvement in the valley.” If you want to help out in our society, meet on Monday, September 30, in G5 (Parmenter).

Another club that links students throughout our campus is called the Democratic Student Union (DSU). “It’s a representative system for the entirety of the student body,” says Adrian Miller. Ben Hofvendahl assures that being in this club will, “… guarantee that students’ voices will be heard for any issues they think are important.” If you are interested in this club, meet in D5 (Lahey) on Thursdays at lunch.

Robert Adams representing Interact Club.

Interact Club is another student-run organization that Robert Adams ensures it will look good on college applications. He says, “In this club, we help the community and international issues.” If you’re interested head on over to H-101 (Martinez) at lunch on Tuesdays.

Lastly, Social Justice club differs from other clubs in that it reaches out past the boundaries of our community to other nations. Abby Sherman gives us more details, “This is a club that works with different organizations locally and globally to stop injustices around the world.” Last year, this club had success when they sent two large suitcases full of clothes to some kids in Africa with the help of Jeanette Lange. To get involved go to I-103 (Sofranko) on Tuesdays at lunch.

Next there’s a variety of clubs that portray the students’ passion for technology. These clubs may catch your eye – starting with the Amateur Radio Club. Tom and Liam McKay lead this club with goals in mind. Tom McKay explains what the club is all about. “It’s a club that experiments with radio technology to provide community service,” he says, ”We set up networks to help with communications and build our own equipment. Our program goes nationwide. With Mr. Schafer’s help, students will be able to apply math and science in the real world.” The first meeting is on Thursday, September 26th at 2:40 in K-1(Schafer).

Ametuer Radio Club
Amateur Radio Club 

Relating to technology, video gaming is a popular pastime at SLV, and there are multiple clubs that correlate with this.  If you are interested in creating games, join Game Composition and Design. Adrian Miller states, “This is a club that enables an on going discussion of video games that we play to allow members to create better games.” The meeting location and time is to be announced soon.

Video Game Club.
Video Game Club.

Closely related to Game Composition and Design is the Video Game Club, led by Richie Bolles. He comments, “This is an easy-going club to play video games, have fun, and unwind.” Richie seems excited for the club to develop. If you find this club interesting, go to the Band room every Thursday at lunch.

Anime is another common interests among SLV students. Wyatt Brave has created a club to elaborate on this topic. The Anime club, “…is everything and anything you want it to be. The purpose is to have fun and meet new people,” says Wyatt. The club meets at the library on Wednesdays and Fridays at lunch.

Homestuck club is an organization that evolves around an online comic and books. Leader, Shonnon McEwen, states, “This club will bring Homestuck fans together.” Since cruising these comics is an individual hobby, Shonnon is excited to bring people with a common interest together.

If you want to join, meet on Thursday’s at lunch in G1 (Morris).

The Surf Team table attracted lots of attention with their luminescent boards.
The Surf Team table attracted lots of attention with their luminescent boards.

There are two clubs on campus that are sure to attract athletes. April Martin-Hansen shares a passion for surfing with many other peers here at SLV. April has been promoting surfing as an official school sport since last year. She states their goals as a team is to “… get SLV surfers together to get ready for surfing competitions. This club is meant to get competitive and have fun at the same time!” If you are interested, make sure you have your own equipment and know the basics of surfing. If you want to have some fun on the waves, reach out to April Martin-Hansen on Facebook.

Another club that pushes you to get active is the Long boarding Club. Karl Swartz, president, gives us more information, “Grab a board and skate into the sunset. I mean just look around; there are so many kids at this school who have skateboards.” If you’re interested in this club they meet after school, Wednesdays at lunch in E8 (X).

If you want to expand the limits of your imagination, look into these following clubs:

The friendly co-presidents of the Fashion Club, Celia Hare and Anna Young.
The friendly co-presidents of the Fashion Club, Celia Hare and Anna Young.

Do you have a creative and artsy side? Fashion club is where you should be! Co-President, Anna Young enlightens us, “Fashion Club is where individuals express their individuality through fashion design.” Celia Hare, Co-President, shares more details, “This club helps students learn about the fashion industry and learn how to make clothes.” If you are interested go to E3 (Smith) on Fridays and lunch.

If you like knitting or want to know how, the knitting club is a great way to spend your time. Founder, Adela Weigel, created this club in hope to make a great environment where, “…  everyone is welcome to join, watch movies, and knit together. We all can learn new skills and this club is for all skill levels!” One of the goals for this club for everyone to knit a hat to donate to a homeless shelter. Head on over to I-102 (Shipley), Thursday at lunch.

Book club, Speach Club, Knitting Club, and more  were in this busy row.
Book club, Speech Club, Knitting Club, and more were in this busy row.

Is there that one book you cannot get off your mind? Book club is where you can discuss your thoughts with other bookworms. Ryan Williams, President, describes the club, “We read and discuss books, different genres, and hot new topics.” If you want to dig into a good book, join and they meet monthly. Ask Ryan if you have any questions about meeting time.

Another good addition to your college application is the Speech Team. In fact, you get to graduate with an extra tassel.  The speech team has been very successful in the past. Anna Maxwell comments, “We are the coolest kids on campus because we speak English.” Randie Beasley adds, “This club will improve your speaking skills and we get to hang out with students in suits.” There has already been an informational meeting but it’s not too late to join! Talk to Randie if you have any questions.

Now you have the basic tools to get started in one of these fantastic clubs! You will only gain new fun experiences and meet new people with common interests. So get involved in the school and improve your college application today.

-Jessica Holle

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